Personalised email from Elyspace?

All secure email hosting plans with useful tools for better security, data safety, and expansion. Responsive design and intuitive workflows Multi-lingual support and rich & plain text composition File sharing and contacts & calendar with mobile sync (including ical) Spellcheck, signatures, auto-replies, and all the other must-haves.

Why choose Elyspace?

A Modern Webmail

Responsive design and intuitive workflow, manage your email hosting to meet your business goals. Use mobile-compatible webmail or connect to your favorite email app, like iPhone Mail, and email will automatically sync to your device, making it easy to stay connected wherever you are.

 Email hosting Tools

Team sharing

Grow with full support for sharing emails, documents, spreadsheets, calendars, tasks, entries, address books, tasks, files and even mailboxes, we make data sharing and collaboration easier and faster.

 Email Hosting Reconvery

Brand impact

Enhance your branding with social media links, custom logo, handwritten signatures and HTML. Created with images, colors, patterns and shapes to match.Your email will always land in your customer’s inbox.

Anti-Spam and Anti-Malware

Enjoy highly secure email hosting including free anti-spam protection to protect every message. With SpamExperts Enterprise-grade mail filtering, your email is scanned for spam, viruses, and malware long before it reaches your mailbox, ensuring that your organization is safe from multiple threats.

Manage your email flow like a pro

We know that your reputation depends on our platform. We've added you (and your users) to a unified inbox across all your existing personal and professional email accounts. No more switching between accounts to receive or send emails.

Email Hosting Support Kashmir Based.

ElySpace Kashmir Based Support

ElySpace Professional Hosting Support. Our email hosting experts are ready and waiting, every hour of every day. We are here for you whether you need help or advice. You can be contacted by WhatsAapp, Live Chat, Phone or Ticket and it is easy to get in touch with you when you need us.

Just as with web hosting, email hosting is a service provided by a hosting or email company for managing dedicated domain-based email accounts. Most companies rent space on an email server to clients, and then handle sending and receiving email.

Email hosting is a service provided by a hosting or email company to manage custom domain based email accounts, professional looking and personalized email address.

A custom domain that increases confidence in your credibility. Expect professional and business emails to have "private domain" email addresses, eg, not free Gmail, Outlook, etc. email addresses. Email hosting also allows you to create multiple email addresses for example, to inquire about @ inquiries or for support @ support department, or for @ sales team sales.

Webmail services allow you to send and receive mail and manage email accounts through webmail (POP) and email clients (IMAP) from a web browser Just like Gmail or Yahoo, you will be able to access your email in ElySpace online, via a web browser. You can send, receive, and read email messages, and access your calendars, contacts, and tasks using any device at any time, all from an easy-to-use email dashboard.

Unique, A personalized domain name.

Ad-free email

More storage space

Robust antivirus and spam filters

No advertisements

Collaboration tools come bundled with many professional email services.

Email authentication schemes — filtering, replication and rerouting

Folder and contacts management

Large attachments

Mailing, white and blacklists


Use of aliases, forwarders, and autoresponders

Mail rules

IMAP/POP3 services

Yes. You need a domain name You must have this domain to get a custom email address. Buying a domain is cheap and easy and no one else can use it once registered. You can own your domain for both purposes at the same time to host your website and use it to host email.

If you do not yet have a domain, you can purchase it when signing up for one of our email hosting services..