Why choose Elyspace For Your Cloud Server Hosting?

Why Choose ELySpace Cloud Server

High Availability Environment

Fast servers that meet all expectations and needs for long-term reliability, Specially designed for critical applications. The cloud hosting platform was built from the ground up using the latest technologies and there is not a single point of failure. This allows cloud servers to float between physical servers, allowing us to ensure 100% infrastructure availability for our customers.

Performance Storage

Performance Storage

We don't compromise on performance, so when it comes to storage we only use the best. We use the latest, high-quality SSD storage to guarantee high-speed IO and our SSD storage together with speedy NVMe SSDs in a local RAID10 mean you’ll profit from high performance hardware.Affordably priced, our pure enterprise-class SSD cloud storage is perfect for both read and write-heavy environments.

Full Managed Cloud Server

Full Managed Cloud Server

When we say our cloud hosting experts manage all your hardware, OS, and security upgrades, that's precisely what we mean. With a free cPanel, litespeed you get a front-end interface to deal with everything related to managing your domain at any given time. That's why we can guarantee 100% uptime on all our accounts - so you won't be knocked offline when it matters most.

Secure Firewall Cloud Hosting

Next-Generation Firewall

Our firewalls make it easy to secure your infrastructure at no extra cost. We offer you the best in application-aware firewall technology. Explain inbound and outbound rules to prevent any unwanted traffic. Once configured, you can customize them to your maximum cloud servers.

Easy Management

Our control panel makes it easy to upload and manage your websites and email. It’s also mobile-friendly so you can manage your business hosting from almost anywhere. We’ll handle all of your hardware maintenance, software updates, security, and more!

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Fully Managed Nvme SSD Cloud Server

The most cost-effective solutions when your business is growing. Let us take care of your backend server and server software while focusing on your business. Grow with the trusted managed cloud hosting at ElySpace. Get great value, 24/7 expert support and unparalleled reliability.

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Managed Cloud Server

Migrating from another host? We make it easy.

We offer a FREE migration service for Plesk and cPanel, if you have a more complex solution call our experts on 0800 862 0890 and we will happily discuss your migration requirements.

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Need to know something more about a specific product or service? Feel free to contact our specialized team 24/7 via live chat and is ready to answer any questions you may have.

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Cloud Hosting FAQs

The cloud hosting is on a virtual partition made of multiple physical servers for maximum scalability and high availability.

Cloud hosting ElySpace provides customers with all the cloud computing resources such as RAM, CPU and stoarge, they need.

you can host your app and websites on cloud hosting for high availability, internet-accessible cloud servers and you have all the flexibility, scalability and reliability.

Fully managed cloud hosting is ideal for businesses whose migration to the cloud has stalled due to a lack of in-house server management skills. With managed cloud servers, ElySpace will provide this skill and perform server management tasks on your behalf.

Managed cloud hosting is a solution in which the host performs these difficult administrative tasks on your behalf. ElySpace will take care of managed cloud servers, making sure the operating system is patched and updated and monitoring its performance to make sure it's always running at its best.

Cloud computing is the on-demand delivery of computing resources over the Internet. In other words, instead of buying your own hardware, your cloud server is provided as a service by a provider like ElySpace. It gives you access to all the storage, RAM, CPU and bandwidth you need, on demand, as payment.

The choice of both shared hosting and cloud hosting depends on the needs of your business. Cloud hosting is designed for companies with high performance and high availability to run key applications, expandable capacity to store significant amounts of data, and scalable resources to meet demand fluctuations and peaks.

Shared hosting is a low-cost solution designed specifically for individuals or businesses that have little traffic to small websites or web pages..