Choosing a Web Hosting Plan with ElySpace: Key Factors

Jahangir War

June 24, 2024 . 16 min read

Choosing a Web Hosting Plan, that is feasible and different, is offered by Elyspace to help you and direct you toward showing your presence online. Nevertheless, choosing between the various plans may be challenging.

But Don’t Worry! This article will help you provide an accessible and in-depth overview of our web hosting services and their remarkable features, including their usage. You will also be enlightened about the five factors to consider when selecting a hosting plan.

ElySpace Web Hosting

ElySpace Web Hosting

ElySpace web hosting allows you to host multiple websites on one server and share resources with others, making it affordable for small to large-sized websites. We offer three types:

  1. Starter S (cP)
  2. Premium M (cP)
  3. Advanced L (cP)

Each plan has different features and pricing. The Advanced plan offers more than the Premium and Starter plans. All plans come with the ElySpace cPanel and an auto-installer tool.
Learn more about our web hosting packages.

Starter S (cP)

You can host a single website with one hosting plan at ElySpace, making it cost-effective for a single site. Starting at ₹299.00/month (excluding GST), it includes 15 GB SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth, a free SSL certificate, unlimited email accounts, access to hundreds of apps, and a free custom domain for one year. This plan is perfect for small websites and provides 24x7x365 live chat and email support.

This plan is suitable for:

  1. Users with small online stores that do not use resource-intensive themes/plugins
  2. Users with a few small websites
  3. Novice web developers
  4. WordPress and CMS users

Premium M (cP)

Our Premium plan, priced at ₹499.00/month (ex. GST), is our premium web hosting option. With ample storage space and additional resources, it’s ideal for hosting resource-intensive websites and supports hosting up to 5 websites.

You’ll benefit from all the features and significant enhancements in the Premium plan. This plan provides 30 GB of SSD storage, a WordPress staging tool, and free daily backups.

This plan is suitable for:

  1. Users with a few small or medium-sized eCommerce sites.
  2. Users with multiple blogs or several medium-sized websites.
  3. WordPress and other CMS users.

Advanced L (cP)

Our Advanced plan costs ₹828.00/month (excluding GST) and is our top-tier web hosting choice. It’s great for hosting websites that need lots of storage and resources, and you can host up to 10 websites on it. You’ll get all the features from the Advanced plan plus some extra perks, including 50 GB of SSD storage, a WordPress staging tool, and free daily backups.

This plan is suitable for:

  1. Ideal for business websites
  2. Users with multiple blogs or several large-sized websites
  3. Users who utilize WordPress and other Content Management Systems (CMS)
Starter S (cP)Premium M (cP)Advanced L (cP)
Websites Allowed 1 5 10
Storage space15 GB NVMe Storage30 GB NVMe Storage50 GB NVMe Storage
MySQL Databases 10 MySQL DatabasesUnlimited DatabasesUnlimited Databases
Monthly BandwidthUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Email AccountsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Spam Filtering
App Installer
PHP 8.x + OPcache
Encrypt SSL
24×7 Technical Support
Our Premium M (cP) plan packs all the features you need for a thriving website, making it our most popular option.

ElySpace Managed Cloud Hosting

ElySpace Managed Cloud Hosting

Our Managed cloud platform offers powerful and dedicated resources to ensure your site’s performance is always fast and efficient. Our server infrastructure uses superfast processors and speedy NVMe SSD disks to provide a private environment for your cloud hosting. Elyspace offers three cloud hosting plans:

  1. Starter Plan (Managed Cloud S1)
  2. Basic Plan (Managed Cloud S2)
  3. Premium Plan (Managed Cloud S3)

Discover the unique features and pricing of each plan. The Premium plan boasts superior benefits compared to the Basic and Starter plans. Additionally, all plans include access to the ElySpace cPanel with a dedicated IP Address, including NVMe SSD storage, to maintain smooth operation. Let’s explore our web hosting packages more.

Starter Plan (Managed Cloud S1)

Introducing our Starter Plan: Our entry-level cloud hosting plan is available from ₹4999.00/month (ex GST). It presents significant enhancements compared to Our standard web hosting packages.

Despite being our most basic cloud hosting option, you’ll enjoy many features, such as 200 GBNVMe SSD storage, 4 vCPU core, 8 GB RAM, unlimited bandwidth, and 100% Fully Managed.

The plan includes a one-year complimentary domain name, an optional cPanel license, free migrations, and free Litespeed.

This plan is suitable for:

  1. Users who are in charge of several minor or a few large online stores
  2. Users are managing several websites and resource-intensive tasks
  3. WordPress and other Content Management Systems (CMS) users

Basic Plan (Managed Cloud S2)

Introducing our mid-tier cloud hosting option, Basic Plan. It has enough power to handle complicated projects and big e-commerce websites. At ₹7999.00/month (ex GST), it’s almost the most excellent cloud hosting solution we offer.

All of Cloud Startup’s features and a few additions are included with Managed Cloud S2. We can offer a 6 vCPU core, 16 GB RAM, and 250 GB NVMe SSD storage because of our specially designed infrastructure.

The plan comes with a free domain name for one year; you can get a cPanel license for free, we’ll help you move your website for free, and you’ll also get free Litespeed.

This plan is suitable for:

  1. Large online stores
  2. Many resource-intensive websites
  3. WordPress and other Content Management Systems (CMS) users

Premium Plan (Managed Cloud S3)

Our Managed Cloud S3 is our most powerful cloud hosting plan, priced at ₹9999.00.

Premium Plan offers an extensive lineup of specifications, including 350 GB NVMe SSD storage, 6 vCPU core, 32 GB RAM, and all the features from Starter and Basic Plans.

This plan is suitable for the following:

  1. Users with numerous resource-intensive applications or eCommerce sites.
  2. WordPress and other Content Management Systems (CMS) users.
  3. Users are running businesses that need to stream media files daily.

ElySpace Business Hosting

ElySpace Business Hosting

Our business web hosting is built on managed cloud infrastructure, ensuring enhanced security features such as dedicated RAM and CPU. With cPanel and an auto-installer, setting up your website is a breeze. Enjoy added security with free SSL certificates and peace of mind with daily backups. Our hosting solution includes 100% NVMe SSD storage for lightning-fast performance and high-speed data transfer capabilities.

ElySpace Business hosting offers dashing features:

  1. 100% SLA  
  2. High Performance
  3. Availability  
  4. Reliability

ElySpace offers three of the best business hosting plans in the market:

  1. Startup Plan!
  2. Premium Bizz
  3. Business Premium

Our hosting suits all businesses. It’s fast and reliable, ensuring your website operates smoothly. Assistance is available 24/7. We prioritize security, safeguarding your site from hackers, and regularly backing up your data to prevent loss.

Startup Plan!

Startup is an upgraded Business Hosting plan starting at ₹662.00/month (ex GST). With one Startup hosting plan, you can run one website, which is cheaper if you only have one site. It gives you 15 GB NVMe storage, 2 GB RAM, unlimited bandwidth, free premium SSL, and a free domain name.

It’s a great choice if you want an affordable option with essential features to boost your online store.

This plan is suitable for the following:

  1. Users with small eCommerce sites that don’t use resource-intensive themes and plugins
  2. WordPress users
  3. Users with a couple of medium-sized online stores

Premium Bizz

Our Premium Bizz plan, available at ₹1244.00 per month (excluding GST), is our best-selling web hosting plan. It’s perfect for hosting websites that need a lot of resources and supports hosting up to 5 websites.

With the Premium plan, you’ll enjoy all the features and significant upgrades. This includes 40 GB of SSD storage, 4 GB of RAM, a 2-core CPU, a free domain name, daily website backups, and storing the data for 14 days, ensuring your peace of mind regarding data recovery.

This plan is suitable for:

  1. Users with a few small or medium-sized e-commerce sites
  2. Users with multiple blogs or several medium-sized websites
  3. WordPress and other Content Management Systems (CMS) users

Business Premium

Cloud Enterprise is our most vital business hosting plan, starting at ₹2074.00 per month (ex GST). It’s ideal for hosting intricate online stores on a reliable infrastructure.

With the Business Premium plan, you receive all the features from the Business Premium plan, plus enhancements. You’ll enjoy the highest allocation of SSD storage, RAM, and CPU cores, along with limitless bandwidth. This top-tier version enables you to host up to 10 websites with beneficial chargeless security fixes and malware removal services.

This plan is suitable for:

  1. Users with several medium and small eCommerce sites
  2. Users with many small online stores
  3. WordPress users

ElySpace VPS Hosting

ElySpace VPS Hosting

A VPS (Virtual Private Server) exclusively offers unlimited access to your operating system and server environment. This makes VPS an excellent option when you need more control and resources or want to move away from the limitations of a shared hosting account.

ElySpace offers four distinct VPS plans starting at ₹1800 per month (ex GST), each featuring varying specifications. You’ll gain access to more resources as you move up the plans.


Starting at ₹1800.00 per month (ex GST), the VPS P-1 plan provides 4 GB of RAM, 2 vCPUs, and 50 GB of NVMe SSD storage, ensuring fast and efficient performance. With a 1 Gbps port speed and 5 TB of bandwidth, you’ll enjoy high-speed connectivity and ample data capacity for your server needs.


For only ₹2900 per month (ex GST), this plan offers a configuration consisting of 8 GB of RAM, 4 vCPUs, and 100 GB of NVMe SSD storage, facilitating swift and effective execution of tasks. Supported by a dedicated IP address and 20 TB Bandwidth, users can experience rapid network connectivity and ample data transfer capacity, meeting various server requirements seamlessly.


Our VPS P-3 plan is available at ₹6200.00 monthly (excluding GST), including 16 GB of RAM, 6 vCPUs, and 250 GB of NVMe SSD storage for efficient task execution. With a 1 Gbps port speed and 20 TB of bandwidth, users enjoy fast network connectivity and substantial data transfer capabilities, suiting diverse server needs.


Starting at ₹8500.00/month (ex GST), the VPS P-4 plan boasts top-tier specifications, including 32 GB of RAM, 6 vCPUs, and 400 GB NVMe SSD storage, ensuring seamless task execution. Enhanced with a 1 Gbps port speed, 20 TB of bandwidth, and a dedicated IP address, users enjoy rapid network connectivity and extensive data transfer capabilities, addressing diverse server requirements effectively.

ElySpace WordPress Hosting

ElySpace WordPress Hosting

Our WordPress Hosting provides a seamless and optimized experience for WordPress users. With free migration and 24x7x365 support, ElySpace ensures a smooth transition and continuous assistance for your website. Our service includes daily backups for data security, ensuring your content is safe and always recoverable.

Why Choose ElySpace WordPress Hosting? Because it offers you the best features:

  1. Easy Control Panel
  2. Daily Offsite Backups
  3. Pre-Installed WordPress
  4. Free Pre-Installed WordPress Plugins

Our WP hosting plans provide everything you need to host fully-featured websites for your clients, starting with a starter plan (WP-Basic) of only ₹413 per month (ex GST).


Starting at ₹413.00/month (ex GST), this plan offers one-click apps with 10 GB of Cloud SSD storage with a monthly traffic allowance of 500 GB. It enables hosting for a single website and includes the WordPress Toolkit feature. Additionally, users can create up to 10 email accounts, each and a storage capacity of 1000 MB. Furthermore, the package has a 24x7x365 phone and live chat support for technical assistance.

This plan is suitable for:

  1. Freelancers or solo entrepreneurs
  2. Small businesses or startups
  3. Bloggers or personal website owners
  4. Anyone needing essential website hosting


Our WordPress (WP) plan, WP-Pro, is available at ₹828.00 per month (excluding GST) and is our best WP hosting plan. It offers convenient one-click apps, 25 GB of Cloud SSD Storage, and a generous monthly traffic allowance of 500 GB. It allows hosting for up to 5 websites and includes the WordPress Toolkit for easy website management. Users can create up to 10 email accounts, each with a storage capacity of 1000MB. Plus, round-the-clock phone and live chat support ensure assistance whenever needed.

This plan is suitable for:

  1. Small businesses with multiple websites
  2. Freelancers or agencies managing client sites
  3. Bloggers or content creators with several blogs
  4. Non-profit organizations or clubs hosting multiple online projects


Starting at ₹1243 per month (ex GST), this all-inclusive plan provides one-click apps, 50 GB of Cloud SSD Storage, unlimited monthly traffic, and support for hosting up to 10 websites. It includes the WordPress Toolkit for easy site management and offers unlimited email accounts. Users benefit from 24x7x365 phone and live chat support for any assistance needed.

This plan is suitable for the following:

  1. Small to medium-sized businesses with multiple websites
  2. Freelancers or agencies managing diverse client projects
  3. Bloggers or online publishers with numerous websites
  4. Educational institutions or organizations requiring multiple web platforms


For only ₹1658 per month (ex GST), this plan includes everything you need: one-click apps, 80 GB Cloud SSD Storage, and unlimited monthly traffic. You can host as many websites as you want, and the WordPress Toolkit makes managing them easy. You get unlimited email accounts and 24x7x365 phone and live chat support.

This plan is suitable for:

  1. Growing businesses need versatile website hosting
  2. Entrepreneurs or startups managing multiple online ventures
  3. Bloggers or content creators with numerous websites
  4. Organizations or clubs seeking cost-effective hosting for various projects

Key Factors to Consider with ElySpace

This section will cover five essential factors when selecting a hosting package.

  1. Understanding Your Website’s Requirements
  2. Exploring Website-Building and Hosting Options
  3. Evaluating Server Location Choices
  4. Assessing Support Levels
  5. Reviewing Backup Solutions

Understanding Your Website’s Requirements

Before selecting a plan, assessing the type of website you intend to create and its specific requirements is crucial. This evaluation will guide you in choosing the most suitable hosting plan to meet your needs.

Many web hosting providers cater to the needs of small to medium-sized businesses, offering traditional web hosting solutions while also providing cloud hosting options for larger enterprises. Additionally, ElySpace offers CMS hosting with advanced tools designed to simplify the website-building process.

However, if your project involves Python and Composer, opting for a VPS (Virtual Private Server) may be the better choice. With a VPS, you gain complete control over the system, allowing you to create customized solutions tailored to your specific requirements. ElySpace offers a VPS option to accommodate diverse needs.

Exploring Website-Building and Hosting Options

When constructing a website, deciding which Content Management System (CMS) you prefer is necessary; a CMS enables easy creation and management of a website without coding from scratch.

Many web hosting providers offer various CMS options or integrated website builders. Some also provide packages explicitly tailored for specific CMS platforms.

ElySpace offers popular CMS installers with our web and cloud hosting, including WordPress Magento, Joomla, and Drupal.

Additionally, we provide specialized hosting plans such as WordPress, Magento, Drupal, or Joomla hosting plans. These plans come with additional features to enhance website performance.

Remember, your ideal hosting plan should support the platforms or building tools you intend to use.

Evaluating Server Location Choices

The location of your server plays a critical role in ensuring optimal site performance for your target audience. Proximity between your web host’s servers and your audience results in faster loading times for your web pages.

Hence, it’s imperative to have the flexibility to select from various data center locations when choosing a web hosting provider.

ElySpace offers servers in seven global regions, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Brazil, the Netherlands, Singapore, India, and Lithuania.

Assessing Support Levels

Accessible and responsive support is a crucial aspect that your web hosting plan should provide. When your website experiences downtime or cyber attacks, prompt assistance from support representatives becomes essential to resolve issues efficiently and minimize disruptions.

It’s crucial to assess the support channels provided by a hosting company. While many web hosts offer options like live chat, email, or ticket support, others might only offer a knowledge base for assistance.

At ElySpace, we provide 24/7/365 support via phone, live chat, and ticketing. However, the level of support may vary depending on whether you choose managed hosting or a self-managed VPS plan.

For managed hosting, you’ll receive comprehensive support for hosting-related issues. Nevertheless, our Customer Success team can offer limited assistance for self-managed VPS plans since users have complete control over their servers.

Reviewing Backup Solutions

The rising threat of cyber-attacks poses a constant risk to all websites. It’s crucial to remain vigilant to prevent potential security breaches on your site.

Selecting a web hosting company that provides reliable backup services is essential for added protection. A backup feature ensures you can restore your website data in case of unforeseen issues.

Depending on your hosting plan, you may have access to weekly or daily backups of your site. It’s advisable to inquire about the duration for which backups will be stored on the server.

ElySpace offers weekly backups for the past seven weeks and daily backups for the previous seven days. Additionally, with cPanel, you can conveniently back up your website files and databases.


As a web host, ElySpace provides a diverse range of hosting plans tailored to various needs. Here’s a breakdown of your options:

  1. Web Hosting: Web hosting is affordable and beginner-friendly, ideal for newcomers and small to medium-sized websites. Users share resources with other websites hosted on the same server.
  2. Cloud Hosting is robust and user-friendly, suitable for large online stores and resource-intensive projects, offering scalability and reliability.
  3. Business Hosting: ElySpace Business hosting ensures top-tier security, effortless website setup, and lightning-fast performance with dedicated resources and NVMe SSD storage, backed by a 100% SLA for reliability.
  4. VPS Hosting: Flexible and reliable hosting requiring technical knowledge, offering complete management freedom ideal for technical experts handling significant projects.
  5. WordPress Hosting: Customized to ensure optimal performance and optimization for WordPress sites, perfect for WordPress users seeking enhanced functionality.

We hope this article has assisted you in finding the ideal hosting plan for your needs. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

How to Choose Web Hosting Plans FAQs

How to Choose the Best Web Hosting Plan for Your Website?

Consider factors like website traffic, storage, speed, security, customer support, and pricing when choosing a web hosting plan. Evaluate your website’s needs and compare features offered by different hosting providers to make an informed decision. Choose Elyspace web hosting packages: ElySpace

Where to Learn More About Web Hosting Plans?

For additional information regarding web hosting plans, explore the websites of various web hosting providers. You can also consult technology review websites and participate in online forums for insights and recommendations. ElySpace is among the well-regarded hosting providers worth considering. Before making your decision, take the time to compare different plans and read reviews to ensure you select the most suitable option for your needs.