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Your domain name reflects the uniqueness of your business and choosing the right one is a central part of launching your online brand. Use our domain checker and search over 200 extensions.

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from .com to any domain elyspace allow you to regster domain with morethen 300 extensions include all gTLDs, or generic top level domains.Take the first step to search & register your domain name

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Buy your domain name today. Not only do we make it easy to get the domain name your website needs; we also provide first-class web hosting services to keep your site online, secure and performing optimally.

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Free Protecting your privacy. ElySPace offer free whois protection, Protect yourself from scammers and spammers. This safeguards your personal information by masking your publicly available registrant contact information.

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.net New domain $10.64 $13.72 $13.18 $15.55 $15.31 $12.66
.org New domain $8.98 $10.87 $8.68 $10.81 $12.09 $9.99
.in Renewal $6.64 $14.99 $10.08 $9.80 $10.21 $10.97 Renewal $10.52 $12.61 $27.98 $19.61 $12.95 $15.02
.xyz Renewal $1.99 $13.98 $12.98 $3.41 $2.66 $2.44
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Domain FAQ's

A domain name is like your website's home address on the internet. It's how people find your site. When you pick a domain name and register it with us, you get to use that address for a year, and you can keep renewing it every year after that.
It's a good idea to choose a domain name that matches your business or what you're sharing online, so it's easy for people to remember and visit your site.

Choosing the right domain name is crucial for establishing your online presence. It should be easy to spell, memorable, and reflective of your brand or content. Try to keep it short, and avoid using numbers and hyphens if possible, as they can confuse people.
Consider using keywords that describe your business or the services you offer, as this can also help improve your site's visibility on search engines. If your preferred domain is taken, consider different domain extensions (.com, .net, .org) that might still be available.

Yes, you can purchase a domain name without having a website ready. Many people register domain names to reserve their brand's online presence or to prevent others from acquiring the name.
When you're ready to build your website, you can easily connect your domain name to your site. In the meantime, we can park your domain on a temporary page, or you can set up email forwarding to start using your domain for email communication.

Domain registration typically lasts one year from the date you register it. However, you have the option to register your domain multiple years in advance, securing your domain name for a longer period and often benefiting from a discounted rate for longer registration terms.
It's important to keep track of your registration's expiration date to ensure you renew it on time, as failing to do so could result in losing ownership of the domain.

Domain privacy, also known as WHOIS privacy, hides your personal contact information from the public WHOIS database. When you register a domain, your information, such as your name, address, phone number, and email, is publicly listed.
Domain privacy replaces this information with the details of a proxy service to protect your personal information from spammers, marketers, and identity thieves. We highly recommend adding domain privacy to your registration to safeguard your personal details.

Absolutely! If you have a domain name registered with another provider, you can transfer it to us. The process involves a few steps: first, ensure your domain is unlocked with your current registrar, obtain an authorization code (also known as an EPP code), and then initiate the transfer on our website.
Transfers usually take between five to seven days to complete. Transferring your domain can be a smart move if you're looking for better service, more features, or an all-in-one solution for your domain and hosting needs.

If your domain expires, it goes through several phases before becoming available for registration by someone else. Initially, it enters a grace period, allowing you to renew it without losing ownership.
If not renewed during this time, it may enter a redemption period, where you can still reclaim it, usually at a higher cost. Finally, if it remains unrenewed, the domain becomes available to the public. To avoid losing your domain, enable auto-renewal or renew it before the expiration date.

Renewing your domain is straightforward. You can log in to your account on our website, go to your domain management section, and select the domains you wish to renew. You can choose to renew for one year or multiple years, depending on your preference.
To ensure you never lose your domain, we recommend setting up auto-renewal, which automatically renews your domain before it expires.

DNS stands for Domain Name System, which is like the phonebook of the internet. It translates domain names (like into IP addresses (like that computers use to identify each other on the network.
DNS is crucial because it allows users to access websites using easy-to-remember domain names instead of complex IP addresses. Efficient DNS management ensures your website is easily accessible and runs smoothly, contributing to a better user experience.

Yes, you can have multiple domain names point to the same website. This strategy can be useful for protecting your brand, capturing common misspellings of your primary domain, or targeting different market segments.
Setting up domain forwarding allows you to redirect additional domains to your main website, ensuring visitors reach your site no matter which domain they use.

Subdomains are extensions of your main domain that allow you to organize and navigate to different sections of your website. For example, could be a subdomain for your main site's blog section.
Subdomains are useful for creating distinct areas within your site without needing to register new domain names. They can be easily created through your hosting account's control panel and are a great way to structure your site and improve user experience.

A domain is your website's address on the internet while hosting is where your website's files are stored and accessed. Think of the domain as your home's address and hosting as the physical house where your website lives.
Both are essential for creating a website: the domain allows people to find your site, and hosting provides the space and resources needed for your site to be visible and functional on the internet.

Choosing the right domain extension, or top-level domain (TLD), depends on your website's purpose, audience, and branding. The most common TLD is .com, widely recognized and easy to remember, making it a great choice for most websites. However, other extensions like .net, .org, .info, or country-specific TLDs (.uk, .us, .ca) might be more appropriate depending on your site's focus. Consider your audience and how your domain extension aligns with your brand identity when making your choice.

Once a domain is registered, its name cannot be altered. If you wish to use a different domain name, you would need to register the new name as a separate domain.
You can then redirect your old domain to the new one to ensure that visitors are seamlessly directed to your updated website. This process allows you to transition to a new domain while maintaining your online presence.

Setting up email with your domain creates a professional appearance for your business communications. Most domain hosting services offer email hosting, allowing you to create email addresses using your domain name (e.g., [email protected]).
This can usually be done through your hosting control panel, where you can manage email accounts, set up mail forwarding, and configure email settings. Having a domain-based email address enhances your brand's credibility and helps establish a consistent, professional image.